Space, technology, speed. For every kitchen and every specific need Alpeninox has a suitable product.

Ice Makers

A range of machines to produce different types of ice depending on the uses: cube, hollow, truncated, or granules

The new Ice Pebbles include models from 57 to 250kg, with R290 refrigerant, which operate over a wide range of temperatures.
The ice-making method (spray layering) affords low water consumption and guarantees crystalline, compact, hygienically pure ice cubes that are resistant to melting.

Compact dimensions of the ice cubers make them highly suitable for any location, particularly those where space is at a premium.

Alpeninox extra cold rooms

Cold Rooms

  • High technology and performance
  • 77 standard choices and infinite combinations based on specific projects

Cold rooms. Internal door release.

Cold rooms. Removable shelves.

Ice-makers. High productivity to obtain ice of desired shape and size.