All refrigerated counters can also be used as a worktop: the backsplash is also supplied.

Alpeninox Crio Line CP Refrigerated Counters

CRIO Line CP: CRIO Line CP H650 and H700

  • Top class energy efficiency: refrigerated counters are in Class A and B; freezer counters in Class C and D
  • Save on your space and energy cost with the most compact counters with the highest energy class
  • Highest preservation capability thanks to the humidity control and the precise temperature control (Class 5)
  • Air flow system to guarantee optimal temperature uniformity

CRIO Line HP Refrigerated Counters

  • Temperature uniformity guaranteed by the Airflow
  • High level of hygiene thanks to smooth surfaces and rounded corners


  • Easy to use
  • Professional performance
  • Easy and fast cleaning

Rounded corners to make cleaning easier inside.

The cooling unit is placed centrally and ensures temperature uniformity inside all the compartments.

A vast range of solutions.